spoonandbagsThere is an opiate epidemic among young people in America today, and everybody knows someone who has been affected. Chances are, that person is you.

In my ten years in the life, I have learned a great deal about the nature of addiction. I am lucky to have survived this disease, so I am beyond proud to dedicate my life to helping others overcome it.

I work as a Family Recovery Coach and Addiction Advocate. I also provide drug education to young people using science and facts rather than morality to better inform their choices. As a survivor of mental illness and addiction, I have struggled to walk among the “normal” people of the world. I’ve had to make my own way and learn to love the person that I am, rather than the person I wish I could be. This makes me uniquely qualified as a speaker to help motivate and encourage others to love the person they are, and drop the expectations put on them by society.

The heroin high has been described like being wrapped in the wings of an angel. The truth is, angels are always with us. It is their job to protect us until we are able to achieve recovery, or to hold us tightly when we lose our battle and our lives. It is with their help, that I offer you my experience and my support as we work together to overcome the deadly disease of addiction.

“When it came out that my daughter was using drugs, I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know anything about painkillers or heroin and I felt totally overwhelmed by all the information I read online. After being coached by Lauren, I have a good understanding about opiate addiction and it helps me to relate to my daughter’s struggle. Now instead of flipping out, we can work through the problems and slip ups and continue to work through the ultimate goal of long term recovery. My daughter was much more willing to talk to another addict rather than a ‘professional’ because she could relate and was able to trust her more readily.” -Joanne H.

“Lauren knew my son, and during his addiction she reached out to me offering her help and support. She taught me so much that helped me to understand what my son was dealing with. Her knowledge about addiction is great and she makes it easy to understand from the addict’s point of view.” -Lynn G.

“Lauren worked our situation from both sides. She taught me what I needed to know and she worked with my son to help him see that treatment and sobriety were not so bad. He agreed to go to treatment on New Year’s Eve and years later he is married, a home owner, and has a great job.” -Joanie M.

“When my child was using I felt like I was going insane! The lies, manipulation and stealing were making me crazy. Lauren was able to help me see through all of that and get to the root of what was really going on. She gave me the tools to protect our family and help my child overcome this disease.” -Joanne C.


We need help to provide resources to families unable to pay for them. If you are here, you know the financial cost of addiction can be overwhelming. Please help us help those who are struggling financially.