Recovery Coaching

Lauren Goodkin is a CCAR Trained Recovery Coach and has completed CCAR’s Recovery Coaching Academy in 2019. She has been working with people with substance use disorder for over a decade as she walked her own path of recovery during that time.

Recovery Coaching is a process of guiding a recoveree through their journey of recovery on the recoveree’s own terms. Recovery Coaches meet clients where they are, and help them to find the Recovery Path that works for them. Examples of Recovery Paths include 12 Step Programs, Medication Assisted Treatment, traditional treatment methods, and spiritual treatment methods.

A Recovery Coach is not a therapist, but a peer support. They know what the client has been through because they have been there, too. A Recovery Coach can often be a go between for the recoveree between the many players on the recoveree’s treatment team such as clinicians, therapists, physicians, and sponsors.

In Angel’s Arms offers Recovery Coaching on a private pay basis. You may meet your coach twice weekly, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. Coaching sessions run for 45 minutes to one hour at a rate of $75 per session. Cash, check or credit card accepted.