Speaking Arrangements

I am available to speak on a variety of topics related to my personal journey through addiction and mental health issues.

From a prevention and educational standpoint, I provide both students and/or parents with a presentation that is a cautionary tale, perfectly blending science based drug education with my personal story. This presentation can also be appropriate for teachers and administrators who wish to gain a better understanding of what addiction is really like, and what it takes to overcome it. I am happy to tailor the content to any age group, however my presentation is and will always be raw and genuine, free of propaganda or scare tactics.

I also speak to groups from a motivational standpoint. I use my personal story to illustrate that there is nothing that cannot be overcome, and that we are all capable of achieving our dreams. I am different. And that is okay. I had to make my own way in the world, throw out the instruction book and put the pieces together in a way that made sense to me. I had to find strength in my strangeness and change my expectations for myself in order to find some peace in the person I am. My message is about finding and knowing yourself, and letting go of the expectations others have for you. I live to share that message with anyone willing to listen.

For speaking inquires, please email lauren@inangelsarms.com.


Family Recovery Coaching

If you are an addict, or have an addicted love one, coaching can be a great asset. Watching your child struggle with an addiction is one of the most heartbreaking things for a parent. With my decade of experience, my job is to provide you with the necessary tools to help your child overcome their addiction. I work with addicts themselves and their families. Clients enjoy the following:

  • Free Consultation (typically by phone)
  • Crisis support by phone, text or in person meetings
  • Access to affordable in home drug tests
  • Assistance accessing government benefits
  • Education on the science of addiction
  • Education on treatment methods
  • Sessions with your child
  • Sessions with family members in need of education
  • Assistance accessing high quality in-patient treatment
  • Help protecting your assets
  • And more!

I provide my clients with these services on an hourly basis:

  • Individual/Family Sessions: $75+ per hour
  • Extended Family Sessions: $100+ per hour

To schedule your free consultation please email lauren@inangelsarms.com.